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Some men are good in interviews and making speeches, but, need a lot of help when initiating conversations with the opposite sex. If you like a girl, yet, you don't know how you can speak to her, whether online or face to face, that is about to change.

It is quite easy to strike up a conversation with the ladies, as long as you bear in mind these effective conversation starters with girls you can apply anywhere - on Facebook, on Internet dating websites, through texting, and in person:

Be Honest

Honesty is still the best policy when it comes to talking to girls. In other words, you have to be yourself.

For the first few days, or weeks, maybe even months, pretending may work, but in the end, she'll find out that you've been fooling her, and will want nothing to do with you.

Thus, one of the first tips in terms of good conversation starters with girls is for you to be honest.

For example, do not pretend that you are rich e.g. tell the girl you come from a rich clan or tell her that you have a business, when in fact, those aren't true, just to make her say 'Yes' to a date with you.

You have to be yourself whether you're communicating  adult chat with women on Facebook, or on any online dating site; whether you're texting, or speaking to a woman personally.

Flatter Her

Flattery is also included in the list of great conversation starters with girls. Flattering someone is actually very easy; you can tell a girl that she has nice hair, or that you love her eyes; you can go on about how you like her smile; and many more.

A lot of guys actually give the ladies they desire compliments about the photos those girls post on Facebook, on Friendster, or on other social networking websites, which usually leads to those women getting pleased, and can, lead to dating.

Of course, this kind of flattery is not only recommended online, but also face-to-face e.g. compliment a lady on her new hair style; tell her the blouse she's wearing matches her eye color and makes her look prettier; etc.

Remember though that flattering a lady about her physical appearance is not the only thing that works. Included in good conversation starters with girls is this: give compliments regarding her good qualities e.g. her friendliness, how she loves helping people and so on.

Once you've started conversing with the woman of your dreams, you should also remember to demonstrate good self-esteem; exhibit a nice sense of humor and bring about a smile or a laugh from her whether you're just texting, chatting with her on Facebook or messaging her online, and so forth.

Listening to her intently is also a must. These simple conversation starters with girls will definitely help you get dates with women you like.